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Richard M. McLaughlin


Born: Capricorn


Princeton University   1989-1994, PhD Applied Mathematics
University of Arizona  1986-1989,   BS    Mathematics


University of North Carolina:

Math Chair, July 1, 2013-June 30 2023
Interim Math Chair, Jan1-Jun30, 2013
Professor,   2004-present
Associate Professor, 1998-2004

University of Utah:

Assistant Professor, 1996-1998
NSF Postdoc, 1994-1997
Wylie Instructor, 1994-1996


Amphitheater High School, 1982-1986
Glen Rock Junior High School, 1980-1982
White Rock Elementary School, 1978-1979
Lulu Walker Elementary School, 1977-1978, 1979-1980
Lineweaver Elementary School, 1974-1977


Falling Sphere APS Video
Fast Fractal Fingering APS Video

Some Papers:

Falling Sphere Paper
Homogenization of Gravity Currents
Weakly compressible transport barrier
Turbulent Plumes
PDF Tail of the random uniform shear layer
Exact spatio-temporal scalar PDF
Breathing PDFs in the Majda Model
Spinning rod theory, nano experiments and macro experiments
Exact results for spinning rods
Evolution of random passive scalar in deterministic flow
Enhanced diffusion surface: rigorous asymptotic results
Path of Least Time in Potential Flow and Connection to Darwin’s Theorem
The Exact Scalar Variance in Channel and Pipe Flow
Auto-rotation of cylinder in a water channel
Quantitative Prediction of Falling Sphere in Stratified Fluid Low Reynolds
Experiments and Theory for Sphere falling in Stratified Fluid Low Reynolds
Homogenized Averaging of Gravity Currents in Porous Media: sharp interface limit
Mode Sorting Using WKB for Passive Scalar in Channel Flow
Blocking by Sphere in Zero Reynolds Linear Shear Flows: Exact results
Viscous coating of fiber in stratified flow
Supplementary material viscous fiber coating
AGU Oil Spill monograph: trapped oil plumes
Computations and Experiments of Stratified Vortex Rings
Experiments with Marine Snow settling through sharp stratification
Experiments and Theory of Porous Particles sinking through stratification
Delayed marine snow settling and increased enzymatic activity at sharp stratification
PRL establishing symmetry breaking in pipe and duct flow
JFM optimal mixing of turbulent buoyant jets
2015 Milton van Dyke APS DFD Gallery of Fluid Motion: Dense vortex rings in stratification
2016 Science paper: “How boundaries shape chemical delivery in microfluidics”
Limnology and Oceanography Letter documenting role of stratified layers in enhancing enzymatic activity in water column
Physica D paper on averaging draining layers in porous media
JOVE video paper documenting experimental methods for measuring asymmetric concentration distributions in laminar shear flows
Ocean Engineering and Marine Energy Paper on deepwater internal waves
Asymmetric mass distribution in passive transport in laminar flows in pipes with regular polygon and racetrack cross-sections
How boundaries change the skewness of the invariant measure of random uniform shear layer
Self-assembly and aggregation in stratified fluids Nature Communications article
Proof of longtime skewness in bounded domain for random passive scalar with Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes in a channel domain
Effective diffusion and skewness for a solute advected by a moving wall: theory and experiments
Proof of ergodicity and calculation of invariant measure for passive scalar with no-flux bcs between parallel plates
Center Manifold to compute invariant measure for random passive scalar under shear flow with general non-gaussian flow statistics
Critical density triplets for sphere falling in sharp stratification
Diffusion induced flows and induced enhanced mixing for solutes in stratified tilted channels
Extreme Himalayan Lake Depth Fluctuations